Sunday, March 15, 2009

Recently Published Papers Related to the Projects of Research and Development Cell, DAVIM

Published in the Proceedings of IndiaCom-2009, Delhi, (Feb 2009)
Project Supervisor: Dr. Saba Hilal

§ Project on Pervasive Computing

1. Personalization Issues In Pervasive Applications
Paper Presented by Mrs. Sarita Kaushik

2. Teenage Security Considerations in Pervasive Environment
Paper Presented by Mrs. Anamika Bhargava

§ Project on Robotic Brain Development
1. The Robot and Human Emotional Interface – Towards Automatic Techniques Of Emotional Assessment
Paper Presented by Mrs. Tanushree Gulati

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Papers Published in CIIMA

The Communications of IIMA (CIIMA "SeeMa"), ISSN 1543-5970, is published four times a year. Manuscripts are blind reviewed by a minimum of 2 members of the editorial board. CIIMA is not a proceeding and manuscripts published in this journal meet a special editorial standard of excellence and relevance. This journal is listed in Cabell's.

CIIMA- 2008 Volume 7 Issue 1
The Syllabus Based Web Content Extractor (SBWCE)
Authors: Saba Hilal, S.A.M Rizvi

CIIMA- 2007 Volume 7 Issue 3
An Experimental Study to Identify the Impact of Expert Filter Tokens for Syllabus Based Searches
Authors: Saba Hilal, S.A.M Rizvi

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Research Project Based Publications

Project on ICT and Globalization, Research and Development Cell, DAVIM, Faridabad

Learners’ Behavior Based Personalization in Education”, paper published in proceedings of the National Conference on “Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence” NCSCAI 2009, LIMAT, Faridabad, 15-16 Jan 2009.

Dr. Saba Hilal
Ms. Tanushree Gulati

Conference Details where the paper was presented :
National Conference on “Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence” NCSCAI 2009, LIMAT, Faridabad, 15-16 Jan 2009.

Invited Talk / Presentation

“Ten Easy Steps To Become a Researcher”, invited talk and presentation at UGC’s “Winter School Programme” at Department of Computer Science,
AMU, Aligarh, 12-13 Jan 2009.

Dr. Saba Hilal

Friday, December 19, 2008

On semantic blogs

Social Science Abstracts Volume XXXII, 2008,

See pages 115, 116 for

HILAL, SABA (Research and Development Cell, DAV Institute of Management, NH3, NIT, Faridabad, HR).

Friday, November 28, 2008

Recent Research Papers

DAVIM’s Research and Development Cell
(Nov’ 2008 Report)
Recent Research Work done for the following group projects:
Group : Robotic Brain Development
Paper 1. Robotic Brain Development
Paper 2. The Robot and Human Emotional Interface – Towards Automatic Techniques Of Emotional Assessment
Paper 3. Rehabilitation Robotics – Innovations In Tertiary Prevention Of Stroke Patients

Group : ICT and Globalization
Paper 4. Semantic Blogs – Towards Reconsideration of the Blogging Benefits and Dangers

Group : Pervasive Computing
Paper 5. Personalization Issues In Pervasive Applications
Paper 6. Teenage Security Considerations in Pervasive Environment

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Book Review - By Saba Hilal

The Art and Craft of Technical Writing

Technical Writing
Process and Product
Third Edition

Sharon J. Gerson
Steven M. Gerson

2005, Pearson Education (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.,
Indian Branch, 482 F.I.E, Patparganj, Delhi 110092, India

PP 490
ISBN 81-7808-381-7
Rs. 275/-

The book is marvelous, easily readable, and highly recommended for technical writers and those learning the expertise. The reader gains practical technical communication knowledge and helpful guidelines to the job search as an additional benefit. This book should be on the shelves of anyone with a profession that require concise communication skills.
Some of the outstanding features of this book are to include the Technology tips, which provide useful instructions on basic computer literacy and writing at Work Case Studies, showing real-world examples of the ideas being presented. Techlinks, with updated online material and resources are also useful.
Before/After Examples showing the value of revision and Checklists for ease of remembering, and following through on all aspects of the material presented; are included in this book. Margin Call-Outs are also given. These are like pull-quotes that highlight particular points of interest in the documents being examined.The units in this book include sections on correspondence (memos, email, letters, including cover letters in trying to find a job), technical publications (fliers, brochures, newsletters, etc.), electronic communications (websites and online help), report writing (MLA and APA styles are presented, as well as methods of research), and a handy handbook of grammar aids as the final section, to help with punctuation, spelling, mechanics and other items of grammatical interest. There is also a section on oral communication - while this is not a speech textbook, so much of one's business image comes from the way one presents himself or herself orally, on the telephone, in presentations, in interviews, and in everyday conversation. The authors also provide some information on using PowerPoint and other visual aids in effective presentations. This is a great textbook, useful for classroom settings as well as individual study and reference. The layout is visually interesting and well formatted.
The parts on short reports, long reports, grammar, punctuation, research, graphics, oral presentations, instructions, technical description, and objectives, are good and useful.
Although, there is good continuity between chapters and the organization is well planned, I did not like the wasted political-correctness (PC) that was unnecessary and does not fit in with the value of the other stuff in this book.
Overall, it is a useful book, particularly for those who are beginning their college careers, and for those who are going into technical fields that require clarity and precision.